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Replacement or repair on a sewer line is something that most homeowners dread the prospect of, but it’s something that they’ll eventually have to face. In general, if a sewer line is more than 40 years old, replacement is recommended. If they’re allowed to degrade completely, they can cause serious problems and also pose a greater financial burden. However, before you have your sewer line replaced or repaired, it is important to become educated on the subject.

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Reasons why you need a Sewer Line Repair:

Many things can cause problems with your sewer line. One factor is age. An old sewer line has been barraged by the elements for decades, allowing it to corrode and maybe even collapse.

Another more common factor is tree roots. Nearby trees will send out roots in search of water and nutrients, and a sewer line provides an ample supply of both. The roots gradually work their way into the pipe or its joints, causing it to clog over time.

Another factor is blockages that aren’t caused by tree roots. These often come from flushing inappropriate items down drains and toilets.

There are numerous signs that could indicate the need for sewer line repair. Some are ambiguous and could mean that there’s a more localized problem, like a clogged pipe. Others are a sure sign of needing sewer line repair:

Clogged Toilet:

Because your home’s toilets have a direct connection to your sewer line, this is often the first place you’ll notice signs of a sewer line issue. You may also notice water flowing up from drains whenever you flush the toilet.

Backed Up Drains

Stopped Up sinks, tubs, and showers can sometimes be a sign. If water builds up in them and drains very slowly, a blocked or damaged line may be the culprit.

Sewage Stop Ups:

If you find that sewage backs up into tubs, sinks, or even your washing machine, this is a definitive sign of a damaged sewer line.

Bad Smell Coming From Basement Walls:

Once problems with your sewer line become severe enough, you’re likely to notice foul smelling leakage coming through your basement or foundation walls. This happens when sewage and water begins backing up into the ground where it will eventually seep through into your home.

Backyard Sewage Leak:

When the damage is extensive, sewage will begin pooling in your yard above or near the sewer line. At this point, major repairs are necessary to solve the issue.

Two Professional Sewer Line repair Methods:

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Currently, we use two methods of repairing sewer lines. The most popular method is trenchless line replacement that involves digging a hole at two points along the old line. This may involve a process called “pipe bursting” to force the old line’s remnants out of the way and make room for a new pipe. We may also use a “cured in place pipe.” This involves blowing a resin into the existing pipe and allowing it to harden, essentially creating a new pipe within the old one.

Sewer Line Replacement:

The second option is to dig a trench along the length of the line and replace it from there. This may be a preferred method if there are no garages, driveways, trees, or other obstacles in the way.

Preventing Future Sewer Line Problems?

To make you new sewer line last, it’s important to focus on prevention. Avoid putting foreign objects or corrosive substances down your toilet or drains as these may cause damage or blockages. You may also want to consider having nearby trees removed to prevent future issues from roots.
Furthermore, if you notice signs of a problem, don’t wait to seek professional service. Getting things fixed now can save you a lot more down the road.

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