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Tank-less Water Heaters

Tank-less Water Heaters

Tank-less water heater is a great alternative to traditional heaters. Learn why the switch is beneficial by contacting Accept All Plumbing today. Our team is trained and experienced to work on units of all makes and models. For immediate service, call (915) 276-7405.

Because tank-less water heaters are designed to provide hot water only as needed, they have become a popular alternative to traditional water heaters. These units bringforth numerous benefits that many homeowners enjoy. Switching to tank-less could be a great investment for you and your family.

At Accept All Plumbing, we have a team of techs that have undergone extensive training and have years of experience to assist you in units of all makes and models. Whether you need installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance, count on us for all your El Paso tank-less water heater services. We promise your 100% satisfaction!

What are the advantages of tank-less water heaters?

A tank-less water heater has numerous advantages. Those to consider are:

  • Never run out of hot water.
  • A home can run as many appliances as necessary without any limitation on hot water.
  • The water is heated as needed and doesn’t depend on a traditional water tank to recover.
  • Since water is only heated as it is needed, there is a 30% annual savings in energy.
  • Smaller size saves space.
  • Easier installation.

What is a unit’s typical lifespan?

A tank-less water heater is designed to operate for 15 to 20 years. A traditional unit will last 10 years or less. Industry experts recommend they be serviced once a year by a qualified technician.

The lifespan of a tank-less water heater can also be extended by replacing its heat exchanger when necessary. This is much cheaper than replacing the entire unit. There is no such option with a traditional unit. With regular maintenance, a tank-less unit can last beyond 20 years.

Which household are these units ideal for?

A homeowner who wants to enjoy the benefits of a tank-less water heater should know they come in many different sizes. They are able to operate effectively in a home of any size. The size of a home does not matter. The number of shower heads is what’s important. A home with a large number of shower heads and faucets will need a larger tank-less water heater unit. This may not be necessary if the showers and faucets are not all used at the same time.

A larger unit may benefit a home with a big family or if several people live in the house. A smaller house will benefit since a tankless unit will not take up much space. It is perfect to have when there are space limitations. There is a tan-kless water heater that can meet the space needs of any home size.

Interested in switching to a tan-kless water heater? Call Accept All Plumbing at (915) 276-7405 for immediate service.