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El Paso Water Filtration Services

Your family deserves fresh, clean water straight from the tap! Now you can reap the benefits of chemical- and contaminant-free water with our water filtration services in El Paso. Accept All Plumbing offers the industry’s premier whole house filtration products. Call us now at (915) 276-7405 to discuss your options.

Do Your Whole Home Filters Backwash Or Backflush?

Absolutely. Backwashing is necessary for the health and longevity of carbon media, effectively preventing bacterial growth and keeping the media from packing and channeling. Packing and channeling is something that must be avoided, because you do not want your carbon’s surface area to be reduced. A reduced surface area means reduced effectiveness of contaminant removal. EWSs simple and effective method of backwashing results in completely effective carbon media for the life of the carbon.

Non-backwashing and upflow-type devices result in packing and channeling (think of an ant farm) of the carbon media – the water will carve channels into the carbon, resulting in less surface area of filtration over time. Not backwashing also presents the problem of bacterial growth. As a result, many non-backwashing devices require some form of antibacterial additive, such as silver nitrate, to try and prevent bacterial growth inside the tank.

EWS appliances self-clean automatically. At the time of installation or at any point in the future, you can choose the time your appliance will automatically clean (this is easy to do using your appliance’s digital panel, and step-by-step instructions are included with every appliance). EWS backwashing process is extremely efficient and the resulting backwash water is usable and filtered. The vast majority of EWS appliance owners put the backwash water to good use – watering the garden, draining into the swimming pool, putting it in storage, and even watering livestock and crops.

What Contaminants Will Your Water Filters Remove?

The highest quality of granular activated carbon (GAC) is used in all EWSs CWL and EWS whole home filtration due to its high removal capacities. EWS carbon filtration is the highest quality and highest iodine rating available. EWS carbon is sourced from North and South America, and is 100% pure, biodegradable, and compostable. EWS uses no silver impregnation (which is silver nitrate – a toxin and pesticide), no metal resins or metal-based media, and no fillers. EWS sink filtration and reverse osmosis systems use the highest quality, highest iodine rated, full bed depth, vibration packed filters – all made in the USA.

GAC removes chlorine, chloramine, gases, dyes, fuels, man-made pollutants, pharmaceutical residues, and volatile organic contaminants. Filtration of these contaminants compliments most municipal water for taste, odor, clarity and quality for oral intake, absorption and inhalation.

What is Chloramine?

Chloramine is a chemical compound of chlorine and ammonia. It does not dissipate or evaporate like chlorine and creates toxic by-products upon contact with organic matter. It is highly corrosive to metal including pipes, fixtures, and appliances and is used by municipalities because it is inexpensive. Chloramine needs specific contact time through a specialized chloramine filter media specifically created to take care of this compound. Chloramine removal requires a larger filtration tank and specialized media to remove this unfriendly compound. EWSs Specialty Chloramine Filter Appliance Designed for Areas that Suffer from Chloramine Use.

Chloramine is a persistent, corrosive compound of chlorine and ammonia requiring a specialized chloramine filter. It is lethal to marine life, causes rashes and skin disorders, and is known for corroding plumbing and appliance connections. Enjoy world-class EWS filtration performance and protection for your entire home for less than 2 cents per day.

Their EWS Chloramine 1465 filtration systems provide chloramine-free, chlorine-free, healthy filtered water. Drink delicious filtered water from every sink in your home, and prevent the absorption and inhalation of water contaminants while showering and bathing. Overall health benefits for you and your family include:

  • Healthy, delicious, odor-free water for your entire home – with one system
  • Hassle-free system does not require any regular maintenance or frequent filter changes
  • Protects your family from contaminants that are absorbed into the skin while showering and –  bathing
  • 100% pure granular activated carbon (GAC) – no silver impregnation, no metal resins, no fillers
  • Proprietary GAC is the highest grade and highest iodine rating available
  • Removes and reduces chloramine, chlorine, VOCs, THMs, pesticides, pharmaceutical  residues, and much more
  • Inhibits hard water buildup in pipes and heaters, and makes for easier spot clean-up on  surfaces
  • Absolutely no salts, magnets, or chemicals
  • Meets or exceeds all FDA, NSF, ANSI, and California State standards and compliances
  • Easy installation, similar to a water heater
  • 10-year or 3,000,000 gallon filtration media lifespan¹
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Call us now at  (915) 276-7405 to discuss your needs and schedule an immediate appointment with one of our water filtration experts in El Paso, TX. Accept All Plumbing will provide and install the right EWS appliance for your family to enjoy for many years to come.