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Water Softening System

Are you looking for professional water softener installation services? Trust the leading business in the industry, Accept All Plumbing, to assist you with your water softening needs in El Paso, TX. Call us at  (915) 276-7405 to see which water softener is right for you.

Imagine the kind of damage inside your plumbing system. Magnify that if you live in an older home. There are all sorts of miniscule problems developing in older plumbing systems, making your pipes and appliances vulnerable to things such as scale and other harmful chemicals that are in your water supply.

As water professionals, we hate seeing our customers frustrated because a new appliance succumbed to the effects of untreated hard water. If it was possible to have a product in your home that protects your appliances and promises to get rid of scale buildup, wouldn’t you want to have that product in your home as soon as possible?

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Water Softener System Installation Can Save Your Appliances From Hard Water:

You paid $2,500 for a new water heater installation and knew it would last you a good 10 years. But the water heater failed in just three years. How could it have died when you haven’t even used it that long?

The problem lies in hard water. Scale buildup is the main culprit.

Scale is the hard substance that forms in your plumbing appliances due to hard water. Scale will attach to anything: faucets, dishwasher coils, water heater tanks, and even shower doors–basically, no appliance that uses warm or hot water is safe from scale buildup.

What can you do? You can’t repair your water heater that already failed. But you can install a water softener.


Don’t struggle with hard water any longer. Imagine: with one simple installation you can have scale-free appliances and cleaner, better tasting water whenever you cook, clean, shower, or make your morning coffee. Call Accept All Plumbing at (915) 276-7405. Enjoy immediate service in the El Paso area.